RSR Equestrian Team

Presenting the
Riding Star Ranch
Equestrian Team!
Est. November 2010

     The Riding Star Ranch Equestrian Team was formed as a way for the students of Riding Star Ranch to expand their knowledge and test their riding abilities by going to local horse shows.

    In order to become a member of the team, students must pass through training with Miss Becky and earn her approval to show. After completing that task, she will decide what classes to enter the students in at the show.

     On the day of the show, the students will be responsible to know:
          ~ which classes they are entered in
          ~ how to properly care for and tack their horse
          ~ help their team members prepare for classes
          ~ assist in loading and unloading the trailer

The Riding Star Ranch Equestrian Team is proud to present

The Dawn Star Riders!

     This special group of girls are our younger riders, 10-years-old and under. They typically show in the short-stirrup and beginner classes so they can be introduced to the horse show life without too much pressure. These girls are just as special as the older riders because they will learn everything there is to know about showing, from caring for their horse between classes to riding in the arena to loading the trailer before and after the show.

     We hope to pair each younger rider up with an older rider like a buddy system in case there are any questions they need answered, as well as assist the older rider as they show. The older rider will act like a mentor to the younger riders during their classes as well.

Take a look at some of the current team members below!
Check back often to see what fundraisers they have planned and for updates!
 Picture Name  & Horse


Rebecca Bezuyen

Chocolate Martini

Check back soon for Chip In!

Kaitlyn Calcara


Kendall Gill



Kayla Rader

Snobody's Business

Samantha Hill

Why So Serious?

Julianna Thibeault

Beautiful Disaster

The girls need your help!

We need sponsors for the team or individual riders, to help cover entry fees, travel costs, or to help us save up to buy a trailer to help us all get to the show at once!

Some of the riders need help getting equipment for themselves and their horses to progress their riding and get into the show ring. Others need help with updating their show equipment to working condition.

Any donation helps and all proceeds go to help the girls get out into the show world and help promote Riding Star Ranch.

Call (330) 428-5577 for more information or
email with any questions.

Call now to learn how you can become a part of the riding team!

Team News!

February 2012
     Our girls are ready to show! Now that Riding Star Ranch has settled into their new home, the girls are anxious to get in the saddle and into the show ring. A whole new team has formed, each girl specializing in different disciplines and wonderful aspirations. We hope to attend some upcoming shows to start learning about what to expect, as well as prepare ourselves  and our horses mentally and physically.
     Our goal is to get a few of our girls into the April shows hosted by PGHA at Carmalita Park in Punta Gorda, FL. We have a lot of research to do and things to buy, so we hope to hold a few fundraisers throughout the month of March to help fund our show expenses. March 17th is a pending Yard and Tack Sale to help benefit the Equestrian Team for the April shows, so stay tuned to learn where it will be held!

November 2011
Congratulations goes out to our Dawn Star Riders after a successful weekend showing at Fox Lea Farm in Venice, FL! Kacey Clougher and Becky Bezuyen both did a fantastic job riding Pretty Boy Dalton (Dalton) and Chocolate Martini (Selena), Kayla Rader and Melissa Hull made some amazing grooms and assistants, and Mike Beal, the girls thank you for putting up with them all weekend and cheering them on!

Here are the results!

Kacey and Dalton
1st in Beginner/Intermediate Rider Hunter Over Fences 2'3
1st in Beginner Horse Hunter Over Fences 2'3
2nd in Beginner Horse Hunter Over Fences 2'3
3rd in Beginner/Intermediate Rider Hunter Over Fences 2'3
4th in Beginner Horse Hunter Flat
4th in Beginner/Intermediate Rider Hunter Flat

Becky and Selena
1st in Open Equitation Child/Adult Over Fences 2'3
1st in Open Equitation Child/Adult Over Fences 2'3
2nd in Open Equitation Child/Adult Under Saddle
2nd in Beginner/Intermediate Rider Equitation Over Fences 2'
3rd in Beginner/Intermediate Rider Equitation Over Fences 2'
5th in Beginner/Intermediate Rider Equitation Flat
6th in Child/Adult Long Stirrup Over Fences 18"


October 2011
   As the cooler months approach here in Florida, the team prepares to go to more shows at Punta Gorda Horsemans Association (PGHA), Fox Lea Farms in Venice, and eventually some shows closer to Ocala at Sumter Equestrian Center. And we need help! Call (941) 286-7552 how you can help today!

April 2011

    In April of 2011, Becky Bezuyen, Kacey Clougher, and Chiara Aiken went to their first horse show at Punta Gorda Horsemans Association. Chiara came home with a 1st place in Green Horse Equitation, Kacey swept her classes with a 1st, 2nd, and 4th taking home Grand Champion, and Becky got 2nd place in her Equitation class. Way to go girls!

Show Schedule

4/7 Performance PGHA
 4/28 H/J

Curious how the money will be spent?
Here's a quick overview of where the funds will be directed!

Entry fees: $12 (per class; 1-6 classes per rider)
Schooling fee: $10
Food/Refreshments: $20
RSR Horse Rental: $65
Gas/fuel: $50 (split between everyone showing)

Entry Fees: $198 (includes classes, office fees, schooling fees, and stall fees)
Tack Stall: $30 (per day)
Overnight watch: $3 (per horse, per day)
Gas/fuel: $75
Food/refreshments: $30

*NOTE: All prices are APPROXIMATE depending on the amount of classes entered by each girl, as well as how many are able to compete on the day of the show.Any extra amount will be left in their accounts to help lower their cost of showing for future shows.

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