Riders Chip-In List

Riding Star Ranch presents...
The Rider's Chip-In List!

     The Rider's Chip-In List allows you to chip in a few bucks to make a child's dream come true. This list of special riders makes it easy for grandparents that live far away to give a reward for good grades, for aunts and uncles a chance to give their niece or nephew a special birthday present, or for friends of the family who can't decide what to buy for Christmas a great present that the rider will appreciate. 

     Even if you don't personally know a child on our list, you can make an anonymous donation to put a smile on a wonderful child's face, or you can make a donation into the Riding Star Ranch Scholarship Fund! See the bottom of the page for more details!

 The annual goal for each student is $1,800, but some students have extra aspirations and their goal is set a little higher.

 Riders can start participating in classes as soon as they reach $150!

 So go ahead! Make a generous donation today and help a child ride into his or her future!


 Click HERE to find out how you can
get on this list!
Your Chip In meter goes here!

Everyone qualifies for a Chip-In meter with an annual goal of $1,800. If there are other goals you wish to raise the money for, let us know! We're proud to help anyone and everyone!

Call (941) 626-6787
or click HERE for details!

Riding Star Ranch now has a scholarship fund available!
Help us raise money to get six students closer to their dreams!

This scholarship money will be awarded to the six students that we feel rightfully earned and deserve the money to help them get one step closer to their dreams. Call (941) 626-6787 to learn how you can become a prospective recipient of this award!

Check out http://ridingstarranch.chipin.com/rsr-scholarship-fund for updates as we raise money!

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