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Partners in Fun
with Riding Star Ranch

     Riding Star Ranch values local business and organizations in Southwest Florida, so we created "Partners in Fun," a special list of friends that help support specific programs at the Ranch.

     When your organization becomes a "Partner in Fun" with Riding Star Ranch, members can participate in our programs at very special rates. Or, if no one has the time or desire to ride, we can set up a scholarship fund in your organization's name.

For members of a Riding Star Ranch
"Partner in Fun" organization:

$30 - 1 hour private lesson

$25/rider - 1 hour semi-private lesson (2 riders)
$75/mo - Lesson Membership - ride once a week (4 or 5 lessons in a month)

The "Chip-In" program allows members to help out by donating and sharing information with others so everyone can participate OR some organizations prefer to do a private donation, fund raiser or a scholarship program.  Whichever way, we will be happy to work with you and have you become involved!

Click HERE to see our current partners in fun!

Please fill out the form below if your organization is interested in becoming a Partner in Fun with Riding Star Ranch.

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     Please fill out this form if you are interested in your organization becoming a Partner in Fun with Riding Star Ranch.

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