Riding Star Ranch Wishlist

(Some of the items below have a "Chip-In" account that you can donate to by clicking on the link)

Things That We Always Need:
Fly spray
Horse shampoo
(fly repellent ointment)
Lead Ropes
Grooming brushes
O&A Hay
2' x 16' Boards for fencing

Things That We Need To Grow:
Grant Writing Services

Monetary Contributions of any amount.

Tractor or mower suitable for mowing large areas so we can keep the
property looking good and help keep the bugs away!

DR trimmer/mower to keep the burrs and weeds from taking over the fence lines
Click Here  to see the progress we are making and Chip-In if you'd like! 

Sand or fill to put in stall areas and arena to help prevent flooding

Solar powered electric fence controllers

Fencing materials including posts and gates

Picnic tables

Gas Grill
for fundraising events and group events

Pop-up tents

Brick Pavers for our patio area

Horsey playground equipment

Large shed for storage

Building Materials
(all kinds, left over or new)

Printing services

Gift Certificates to :
     Home Depot
     Tractor Supply
     North Port Feed Supply (North Port) (941) 423-3998
     Crossties Feed (Punta Gorda) (941) 575-0909
     Sam's Club

      Remember that we also collect unwanted items for our bi-annual Yard Sale Fund Raiser!

      We are also in need of donated land and/or facilities for our permanent home.  Please contact Dawn at 941-626-6787 if you have any ideas or options that you would like to discuss.

CLICK HERE to print out an informational flier about Riding Star Ranch
(please feel free to print as many as you want and pass them out!)

Check out some of the wonderful items that have been donated to the ranch we were finally able to cross off of our Wishlist!

ATV / Four-wheeler
Thank you to the Burt family for your wonderful contribution!

Fencing Material
Thank you to Larry and Sherry Johnson for donating the posts needed to build our new riding arena!

Mounting Block
Thank you to Jim Broehl for building the ranch a very nice mounting block! And thank you for donating your time to put it together!

And as always...
Thank you to the Home Depot off of Jones Loop Rd. in Punta Gorda, FL for your continuous donations of extra supplies and materials!
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